Producing Wines To Tell Ourselves And Our Territory

Tenute Olbios is a wine-growing and wine-producing company with a precise expansion project: search for quality and excellence in an original and exclusive manner in every aspect of the production.

From the growing of the logs to the harvesting of the grapes, from the cure of the winemaking to the bottleing all the way to the design of our bottles.
For us making wine means to tell about ourselves and our territory, in our wines we put all of our passion and value to the best what our generous land gives us.
We produce not only for the market, although that is what the wine is destined for, but especially for the good of creating wines that we ourselves would like to drink. A life choice, therefore, not only a professional one. We decided to work only the grapes of our own producion because our  grapevines are nurtured with traditional techniques and limited treatments that grants a controlled raw material.

As a matter of fact the methods used in the field and in the cellar are the high quality typical ones, using techninques and criterias that nowadays distinguish the so-called biological companies: very limited treatments to the plants - personally taken care of by Daniela, agronomist expert in rearing of grapevines - rigorous hand-made harvesting of grapes, winemaking during the  grape harvest, aging and bottleing directly in the cellar.