The Cellar. Where Our Wines Are Born

Tenute Olbios is a wine-growing and wine-producing company where the attention for little things reigns and that alone can lead to great results. 

The owner, an expert agronomist, personally follows the grapevines farming using integrated cultivation methods to obtain the best quality.
Quality that can be found in techniques and methodologies of the wine-making and aging of the wines in the cellar.
Our cellar is in the middle of the vineyards and is used solely for the winemaking and bottleing of our products. 
The building is an ancient industrial fold in Gallura, entirely renewed in the past years, highlighting the original structure and the construction peculiarity.  

The technical area is equipped with up-to-date italian machinery and is divided in different operative areas.  This mix of ancient and modern, tradition and innovation distinguishes and gives character to our cellar and our wine-making production.

The Sampling Room

The sampling room is a very ancient example of typical buildings of the area: the walls are in granite rock, oak-beamed ceiling and a big fireplace carved in the rock.
The floor, once in very poor materials, has been covered with olive-tree wood; the furniture deliberately modern and essential makes the environment particularly cosy, besides functional. It has been discovered a buried cellar with a characteristic sail vault in granite inserts under which runs a water-bearing stratum that grants particular humidity and temperature, thanks to which it has proven to be very apt for aging of our sparkling wine Bisso, that too elabourated rigorously on our own.

You can book a visit to our cellar to taste our wines in a guided tour to discover the numerous nouances of our wines. For those interested it is also possible to book lunch with a menu exclusevely prepared for the Olbios Estate by very important chefs of Gallura. To book your visit, tasting tour or lunch, click here.