Lupus In Fabula

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Lupus In Fabula

Vermentino di Gallura Superiore DOCG

A Vermentino made in purity with a full taste and long persistence in the mouth and nose: perfume of exotic fruits and flowers of the bushes. Fruity aroma in which cherry and mature oranges stand out, to end with the typical, slightly bitter of the Vermentino.

And it is the passion, together with the will to preserve and protect all the quality, the aromas and feelings of the Lupus in fabula, that led to the choice, very particular indeed, of the innovative closure system: glass. A system where the gesture of opening (without corkscrew) assumes a different rituality, new but already complex and fascinating.
This particular also reflects the researched semplicity that can be found in every choice of the Tenute Olbios.
The quantity is, by choice, limited, so to preserve the best quality. And here are the particular characteristics of this Vermentino, treated like a prescious perfume: the vineyard undergoes very little treatments; the grapes are pressed without previous rasping, the wine after a long fermentation at a controlled temperature and a clarification at cold undergoes ony one filtration before the bottleing that happens nine months after the harvesting and transformation of the grapes.

The sensations

Its sweet and powerful pear, melts in the mouth with tasty grape persuasiveness with great and  wrapping class. Of great olfactory souplesse, it caresses all arounf with its flower. All sweet at smell, all pulpy mature its distillate and powerful fruit. The perfume clarity is excellent, from transformation enology that impeccably, from costitutive grapes, in wrapping spirit, matures it and integrate the essence, nitidly renders it.
Then the taste souplesse wraps, delighting not only the impeccable balance sour/sweet of the taste, but also the exceptional concentration, its majestic mining and alcoholic power, the complete absence of ephimeral vibes and/or bitter features. No, here of this wine only its persuasiveness, nitidly, pasty, persistently can be appriciated and sensed.
(Luca Maroni)