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White Sparkly Wine VSQPRD

Bisso is a white sparkly wine vinified with classical method and obtained from Vermentino grapes of own production. This wine results from a long study on methodos of  french sparkling and on secrets form different recepies not easily obtained.
What led us all the way here is far and foremost the passion for this ancient and fascinating method and the belief that it would express itself greatly also if applied to a wine that comes from Vermentino grapes. Our processing followed the stricter rules of this method: its long aging smoothened the roughness of Vermentino and ennobled its qualities; the refermentation in the bottle and the slow remuage exhalted perfumes and tones, son of nature first and then of men.

The sensations

The sensations felt to the sight of its golden colour and of its first froth were to have obtained a fine and impalpable product, just like a precious fabric. Its name comes from this and froma a profound love for our land, Sardinia, and its ancient and magic traditions. One of those is the manufactoring of the bisso: sea silk.