Good Wines Grow From Good Land

Sixty hectars of owned vineyards at the entrance of Olbia, oaks, wild pear trees, spontaneous flora such as wild lavander, brooms, orchids and thousands of other flowers. Lakes around which a heterogeneous wildlife of  coots, hawks, partridges, wild boars is developped, in front of the magnificent Island of Tavolara that stands out on the oriental side, while on the opposite the Castle of Pedres, perched on its hill where the sun sets, works as a counterbalance.
Those are the Tenute Olbios where land, passion, work and modernity fuse in the attempt to follow the deep breath of the elements and transfer it with newer winemaking technologies into the produced wines.
The land of the Tenute Olbios is a granite decay land, optimal to grow Vermentino, but also red wines such as Cabernet, Cannonau, Merlot and Bovale, that find the ideal substrate to express excellent perfumes and body.

The climatic peculiarities of this area overlooking the northeast coast and the proximity to the sea, grant a constant and full of iodine ventilation, important factor for the organoleptic set of our wines.