Sardinia, Land of Wines

Sardinia has a strong historical bond with wine since its nuragic roots.
Studies and archeological finds attest a wine production already active more than 3000 years ago, attributing to our territory a very important role for the domestication and development of wild grapevine.

In Sardinia the vineyard is an integral part of the landscape. Present almost everywhere, from the most fertile valleys close to the sea to the high hill and more internal zones where the farming of the grapevine is still often magically bound to ancient traditions.  The grapevine is, together with the olive-tree, an indigenous wild plant that has undergone in the course of centuries, thanks to the numerous populations and cultures that inhabited the island, very important processes of engraft and development, until the creation of very particular native stocks  that nowadays are known and appreciated worldwide (Vermentino and Cannonau amongst all others) representing the most typical expression of regional wine-making production. A great merit on the development of the farming of grapevine and wine-making goes to the  Phoenicians, population of sailors that conquered Sardinia for long time and established numerous colonies, traces of which can still be seen (Kalaris, Tharros, Cornus, Nora and Olbia).

With the arrival of the Romans, great admirers of the Nectar of Gods, Sardinia acquired a very important role in the wine-making production besides being the Empire's Granary for the great amount of wheat it produced.

Today Sardinia brags a great production of quality wines with a few relevant examples that summon  recognitions and appretiation on national and international level.  In this hospitable and generous island, the climate, the ground and the skillfully improved by men vineyards give life to great quality wines, some vigorous and with a strong personality, some elegant and aristocratic, always conceived in harmony between production an environment.   The balance and the singular olfactory and taste sensations of Sardinian wines recall colourful textures and precious  embroidery of traditional clothes, expression of the ancient Sardinian culture. And the immagination runs through this extraordinary land, perfumed by the macchia, whipped by the north-west wind and cradled by the marine breeze.