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Rosso dei Colli del Limbara IGT

"Give me more, be good, and then tell me your name, because I will make a welcoming gift and you will rejoice. " "Cyclop, you ask my glorious name? I'll tell you and you'll give me the gift of hospitality that you promised me. My Name is Nobody. Nobody calls me my father, my mother and all my mates.” (The Odissey)

Nessuno is a journey. A journey of discovery of new worlds of pleasure. The taste of travel that finds the pleasure of discovery. Nessuno results from the union of different grapevines that have within them different stories, tastes and own characteristics that meet in this successful blend, creating an elegant and strong wine. Nessuno comes from two different types of red grapes of our vineyards vinified separately.
The particular and modern winemaking technique used aims to the maximum extraction of aromas and perfumes to obtain a whole, full-bodied and important wine, long-lasting.

The sensations

It has a full-bodied and elegant taste, strong and velvety, an important tannic structure well balanced from the heat of alcohol and the presence of soft glicerine. On second hand you the notes of liquerice and cocoa can be appreciated, long and satisfying ending. It goes well with dishes as important as red meat, cheese and risotto.

Chiara Demelio per Nessuno

Chiara Vigo
Chiara Demelio per Nessuno