In Vino Veritas

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In Vino Veritas

Vermentino of Sardinia DOC

“In wine is the truth” the ancient used to say and to us quality does not lie.
Vino Veritas is a white wine of Controlled Denomination of Origin that comes from Vermentino grapes in purity. Full-bodied and important wine resulting from a long aging that aims to constant research that our cellar loves to do on Vermentino to catch and extract its multiple qualities. This wine, produced in a limited amount of bottles comes from a grape harvesting of a  circumscribed area of our vineyards, characterised by an extremely sandy territory,  not well-irrigated and exposed to the north-westerly wind. This gave the possibility of a healthy and natural overripe of the clusters on the plant and a high concentrations of aromas and perfumes. From the beginning we decided to reserve this batch for our connoisseurs. The long aging has been necessary to obtain a white wine evolved and intact, very structured and  long-lived.