Ólbios means happy land, prosperous, rich. This is the name that ancient Greeks gave to our land

We love the Environment

Our company has always been concerned with protecting the environment. Our soil, rich in underground aquifers, requires limited treatments to the vineyards and the total abolition of chemical fertilizers and herbicides. In fact we have chosen to use only natural fertilizers of vegetable origin, activated with micro-organisms. Only if strictly necessary in some cases we use natural herbicides based on pelargonium acid.
Since these are very ancient soils originating from the disintegration of granite rocks, very sandy and “loose”, the use of these natural products does not endanger the natural waters coming from the Limbara Hills that flow under our vineyards and directed toward the nearby sea.

In the cellar, water waste is also avoided through effective but also very efficient washing systems that allow us to use little water. The roof of the building is covered with photovoltaic panels that guarantee us good au-tonomy for our electricity consumption. Our offices also operate trying to avoid paper waste thus limiting the impact on the environment, for example our promotional and advertising material is printed on paper from recycled materials and FSC certified.

Finally, we also cultivate our love for the environment by preserving and passing on the ancient techniques of pruning, tying, grape selection and manual harvesting that our specialized staff carry out following in turn the knowledge acquired by their families.

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