Vino al Cucchiaio

Vino al Cucchiaio

Passito wine jelly
1 x 100 gr. jar


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Vino al Cucchiaio (Wine by The Spoon) is the result of a particular process, a secret recipe that transforms a dried grape wine, entirely vinified at the winery, into a unique product, with a very low alcohol content, which keeps intact the characteristic scents and aromas of the grapes.

This new product was born with the idea of creating a wine “to eat”, even for those who do not normally drink wine. The consistency is that of a pleasant and delicate gel, to be best appreciated with different pairings and combinations, or even alone. It goes well with raw seafood, mature and blue cheeses, extra dark chocolate. Vino al Cucchiaio, as well as all Tenute Olbios wines, is Vegan certified.

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